Refrigerator Cleaning

When was the last time that you actually checked through your fridge to see what in there was still good? We can help you by literally taking everything out of the fridge. We’ll check expiration dates and give you our input to see what you need to remove. When we take everything out of the fridge we’ll be taking the time to be able to clean all of the compartments thoroughly. Of course, we’ll make sure that we are using only safe chemicals in the cleaning process. The last thing that we want is to be using something that’s going to put you or your family in harm’s way.

Is This Part of The Cleaning Service?
It can be, one of the things that we stress to our clients is that our goal is to be able to create a custom service around your needs. If you have a recurring service we can provide refrigerator cleaning periodically. This does not necessarily have to increase the cost of your regular cleaning services. Usually refrigerator cleaning is not a stand alone service that we provide. We do the full cleaning service and then clean your fridge. 

How Often Do You Recommend I Clean It Out?
This actually can depend a lot on the type of food that you keep in there. It’s always a good idea to have a notion of when you went to the supermarket and what you bought. Keeping milk or meats in the fridge for about a week can be too long. If you keep tabs on those types of products you can be ok with maybe bi-weekly cleaning or even kind of a monthly cleaning service. It can also depend on how much you pay attention to the things that you buy and what you eat or not.

We Can Follow Your Guidance To A Tee
A lot of the fridge cleaning that we end up doing can be for folks that are maybe not even home when we’re doing the cleaning. To make sure that we don’t throw anything away that you maybe wanted to keep you can leave a list of things that you want to remove and what you want to keep. We’ll take everything out and then give the area a thorough cleaning. Then just return the things that you really need and throw away anything that you don’t need any more.

Full Cleaning Of The Appliance
 We’re going to be able to help you clean the inside and outside of the fridge. This is a great way to spot any type of developing issues. We’re also going to be able to move the fridge itself to make sure that we clean that space between the fridge and the wall. Many people have not seen what’s in that space for years. A lot of pest issues can originate in these corners that you have to clean out every once in a while at the very least.